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Showcase all your properties to your clients wherever you are with anza360 virtual tours for real estate professionals.

Showcase all your properties to your clients wherever you are with Anza360 virtual tours for real estate professionals. Anza now offers extremely competitive pricing on 360 degree photography for your entire property portfolio. Save time and money on unnecessary property visits with clients and gain a competitive edge by showcasing all your properties online through Anza, your website or offline with the unique Anza360 mobile application for tablets.


Anza 360 is an affordable solution and a valuable addition to your property portfolio. Each virtual tour in the Anza360 package contains 5 scenes (360 degree photographs) that let you show all the important features of a property. Once the photography and development of the virtual tour are completed, it is uploaded to the Anza servers from where it will automatically integrate into the corresponding property listing on Anza, your website (if it is connected through the Anza API) as well as into the Anza360 tablet application. In the application you will be able to download the tour so that it is available at all times, even without an internet connection.

The virtual tours contain a simple clear interface with a drop down menu, to easily navigate from scene to scene. Through the app, you can easily show all the different properties you have available to your clients, wherever you are, and effectively determine what it is they are looking for. 

Property listings with virtual tours also benefit from extra exposure on Anza as they are marked with a special icon on list pages and can easily be found through our advanced search options. Furthermore, potential buyers will be intrigued by this special feature and be more inclined to share your listing with friends & family through social media and of course contact you for an opportunity to visit the property in person.

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Runda Townhouse

Kitisuru Townhouse

Corner Baridi Villa

Upperhill Apartments

Westlands Apartment
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