Website development

Have your development stand out on the web with it's own professional website.

These days a professional website for real estate developments is common place. At an ever increasing rate, people in Kenya are turning to the web to learn more about a property or development and expect to find a good result. A branded and up to date website shows the professionalism of your company and will help drive more enquiries and sales.

Anza can help give you this web presence by developing a professional website for your development that is mobile friendly and built to the latest web standards. We use modern open-source technologies which will ensure you retain ownership and access to updates at all times.

Anza API integration

We understand maintaing multiple websites and portals can be a hassle and is therefore often overlooked. At Anza, we're always trying to make things easier, that's why we've developed our own API (Application Program Interface) that let's other websites and programs pull in information from Anza. This means that your new development website can pull in all information from your Anza development listing and you only have to update things once. Better yet, we'll also allow you to optionally publish your listings to other international portals so that you get the maximum online result with minimal effort.

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Kenya Property Developers Association

Anza has developed a new and innovative website for the KPDA that pulls in all member information from Anza including company profiles, development listings and individual property listings. With the unique Anza API, development information only has to be added or edited once, saving valuable time.
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