Virtual tour photography

Offer clients a virtual visit of your show house with the latest high tech 360 solutions in Kenya.

Captivate potential clients with an immersive 360 degree experience that lets them take their own look at your building site or show-house without actually having to travel to the location. With an Anza360 PRO virtual tour, you will engage visitors longer and draw in more high qualified clients. Your virtual tours are automatically available through the Anza360 tablet application for Android & iOS as well as Anza and your website if it is connected through the Anza API.

360 degree photography

At Anza, we have many years of experience in high end 360 degree photography. Using our dedicated DSLR camera with fish-eye lens and rotator mount, our experienced photographer creates stunning photographs with optimal lighting. Al photographs are taken with double exposure to ensure a balance between light sources in order to create a beautiful end result that stitches seamlessly. 360 images can be taken both inside and outside, during the day and in the evening.

Aerial 360 photography

Anza is the only company in Kenya that currently offers 360 degree aerial photographs. These unique images provide a unique bird's eyer view of a property that will make an impression on your clients. Aerial 360 images can be taken at different heights and from multiple locations during the day. They can be integrated into the main virtual tour, allowing the user to switch views through the interface.

StreetView photography

Anza can also develop unique StreetView imagery for your development. With a special multi-camera head, 360 images can be taken at any interval while moving along a road to allow the virtual tour users to virtually walk through the development. This imagery can also be combined with the aerial and regular 360 degree images to create a full, dynamic virtual tour experience.

Advanced virtual tour features

Once all the photography work has been completed, the images are stitched to create seamless panorama images that are loaded through our 360 viewer. This creates an immersive experience that allows the viewer to look around in a full spherical 360 manner. The virtual tour has an intuitive interface that allows one to easily select the location they want to view. This could be a different show house, a different room as well as any aerial or StreetView imagery. The interface is also branded with your development's logo for a professional presentation. 

Viewers can also navigate to other areas within the tour by clicking on a hotspot. When clicking on this icon, the camera turns to that location and zooms in while loading the next 360 image. This creates a more natural walking experience within the virtual tour. 

A floor plan can also be added to the virtual tour that allows the viewer to navigate by clicking on a corresponding icon within the area. This gives the user a better understanding of the layout and where they are within the development.

All our virtual tours come with social media sharing buttons. This allows you or any other user to share a specific view through Facebook (on a page or personal timeline), Twitter and email. 

Dedicated mobile application

In order to get the most marketing value out of the virtual tour, Anza will create a mobile application for Android and iOS that can be downloaded from the respective stores for free. This not only allows any user to download the virtual tour for themselves, it also provides your sales team with a unique new marketing tool. When talking with perspective clients on the go, use a tablet to display the virtual tour right there and then to heighten their interest and increase the chance of making a sale.

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