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Real estate marketing solutions for agents, developers & service providers. Discover how Anza can help you move forward, today.

Real estate agents

Generate more leads and enquiries through free, detailed Anza property listings, Anza360 virtual tours and your own easy to maintain website that automatically integrates with the Anza API. At Anza, we make managing your property portfolio easier.


Property developers

Marketing a real estate developement involves many angles and specialties. Anza has brought these services such as 3D modeling, graphic design, website development and more under one roof.



Get more qualified leads through targeted real estate advertisements on the Anza platform. Discover your target market and present your products and services in a relevant way to drive more traffic and increase sales.

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Our specialized team at Anza has many years of (international) experience in marketing, design & development. Get in touch with us so we can book a meeting to discuss your specific real estate marketing needs.
Partners you can trust
Anza is proudly partnered and endorsed by the Kenya Property Developers Association.
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