Stem Cell Therpay in India for Hair Loss
Stem Cell Therapy in India for Hair Loss
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About Stem Cell Therapy in India for Hair Loss
Stem cell therapy for hair loss in India include affordable costs, highly skilled and qualified doctors, state of the art equipment, first class hospitals and higher performance in Delhi... Stem cells are being used to take care of hair loss. A small amount of body fat is taken from the waist region of the patient by a mini-liposuction process. This fat involves dormant stem cells which is then spun to separate the stem cellular material from body fat. Well then an activation solution is added to the cellular material which is multiplied in number with regards to the size of the bald region. When it activates, the solution is then washed off so that only the cells remain. Now these stem cells are inserted into the scalp. You can find some frizzy hair growth in about two to four weeks.
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