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Who can recommend a good plumber?

I have had several plumbers over during the last few years, though to be honest I am still looking for one who can really do a great job and not a jua kali one. Thanks ahead for anyone you may be able to recommend...
    Replied by Realcom on Thursday, November 15 2012, 10:47 PM · Hide · #1
    Hello Mr. De bloise
    There is a saying that 'all plumbers are related'!!

    I used to believe it until I met a guy called Oloo Mak Okoth. This guy is just a magician. His idea of a nightmare is been called to do the same job twice....soooo unlike most of the guys we know!

    One Problem is that most of us are rarely ready to treat and pay plumbers as professionals. That means the best plumbers are employed with regular jobs thus, they are unwilling to be treated the way many of us treat and pay the regular plumber.

    Mak Okoth is different.

    He's the only plumber I know who actually drives in to do a job. When He opens the trunk of his car, you find the all sorts of tools neatly arranged and stacked in partitioned holding bays.

    He also Carry's most of the basic plumber requirements like sockets, elbows, washers etc, etcetera thus work doesn't need to stop for 3 hours as someone goes to purchase a 50 bob spare!!

    He is attached to Realcoms interior solutions division. For more on that follow he link http://www.realcom.co.ke/Services/Interior-Solutions
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